Upon arrival at destination

Should you have any issues on arrival, please speak with our ground handling agents:

Airport Ground Handling Agent
Akureyri Icelandair
Copenhagen Aviator
London Stansted Stobart Aviation
Tenerife South Iberia
Should any luggage be lost or damaged, you must report this to our handling agent who will provide you with a reference number and further information. Do not leave the airport without a damage report or lost luggage report, as your insurance company will not compasate you without the report. The reports can not be generated after you leave the airport.

To and from the airport

Use the following website to get infomation on how to travel to and from the airport you are flying to or from.

Airport Transportation to and from the airport
Akureyri ISAVIA (Akureyri airport)
Copenhagen Copenhagen airport
London Stansted Stansted airport
Tererife South Spanish airport authorities