Cancellation protection

Cancellation protection is available for purchase when booking your flight. Cancellation protection guards your ticket in case of unforseen circumstances such as sudden illness or a death in the family. With cancellation protection your ticket will be eligable for a full refund if the neccesary documents are provided.

Neccesary documents shall include reasons the passenger is unable to travel on intended dates and may include medical certificates, death certificates, quarantine certificates or confirmed COVID-19 infection certificates for example.

Should such a situation arise that a passenger is unable to travel for reasons included in the cancellation protection Niceair kindly asks that you contact our service team at and include relevant documentation, not later than seven days after scheduled flight.

Kindly be advised:

  • Cancellation protection costs 3000 ISK per flight leg and is only available for all passengers and all flight legs in each booking.
  • Cancellation protection is only available on initial booking and can not be added later.
  • Cancellation protection is not available for individual passengers in each booking.
  • All neccesary documents need to be provided in order for a full refund.
  • Cancellation protection is never refunded, can not be changed or extradited.