Special assistance

We are happy to provide special assistance for passengers who need it, before the flight, during the flight and/or after landing. We ask passengers to let us know their needs before the trip begins.

Request for special assistance

You need to book your special assistance at least 48 hours before flight:

  • You can call Niceair Customer Service or
  • Send Niceair an email to niceair@niceair.is

Niceair takes steps to be able to be at the fingertips of its passengers.


Passengers with hearing and/or visual impairments or reduced mobility will be given a seat by the window, but will not be able to get a seat at the emergency exit due to safety regulations.

Passenger assistants

Passengers with reduced mobility must travel with an assistant if the passenger needs assistance with the following:

  • Communicating;
  • Eating or drinking;
  • Taking medication;
  • Getting up from the seat; and/or
  • Going to the bathroom.

We are sorry but crew members are not allowed to assist passengers with:

  • Medication;
  • Communication;
  • Eating or drinking;
  • Lifting them up or holding;
  • To stand up; and/or
  • Use of toilet.

Due to these issues, the passenger assistant must be on hand.

This also applies if passengers cannot travel without general assistance.

All passengers must be able to sit in a standard airplane seat. All Niceair aircraft have all seats with movable seat arms, which improves passenger access.