Reduced mobility

In this section you can read about your rights as a person of reduced mobility and what you can excpect from Niceair and service partners on your trip.

Niceair is pleased to provide special assistance for people with reduced mobility. Such services are provided in accordance with the IATA classification system:

  • WCHR (wheelchair to airplane) - A passenger can get up and down the stairs by the airplane himself and get through the cabin of an airplane, but requires a wheelchair to get around the airport and to and from the plane.
  • WCHS (wheelchair to airplane and assistance with steps) - A passenger can seat himself inside the airplane but must use a wheelchair to get around the airport and out to the airplane. A passenger cannot ascend or descend the stairs of an airplane without assistance or service.
  • WCHC (wheelchair accessible seat) - A passenger needs assistance to get all the way through the terminal, apron, up the stairs of the airplane and into his seat.

Wheelchair Battery Guidelines

Electric wheelchairs can be transported in the luggage compartment of an airplane. Most of them have lithium or dry batteries, but the following must be taken into account:

  • Lithium batteries must not exceed 300 watt hours (Wh); and
  • If a chair has two batteries, each must not be larger than 160 watt hours (Wh)

Electric wheelchairs that use liquid batteries need to be transported by freight, which is not available from Niceair.

Wheelchair size criteria

Wheelchairs can be transported in the luggage compartment, but it must be ensured that they can be brought in through the luggage door.

The luggage doors of Niceair airplanes are 120 cm high (48”) and 180 cm wide (71”)

Our staff or service providers can assist with minor steps to fold the chair to the correct size if possible.

At the airport

Please arrive at the airport one and a half hour before the flight at Akureyri and at least two hours before at other airports to make sure that we can provide you with the best service.


Passengers travelling in their own wheelchair

It is recommended that passengers use the wheelchairs available at the airport to facilitate the check-in of luggage. If a passenger needs to use their own wheelchair, it is best for them to check-in at the airport and ensure that the wheelchair is correctly marked. The wheelchair can be used to get to the airplane, the wheelchair is then placed in the luggage compartment.

Passengers travelling in the airport wheelchair

If a passenger needs assistance with mobility impairment but does not travel with their own wheelchair, they must notify that at check-in, at least one and a half hour before a flight from Akureyri or two hours before a flight at other airports.

Before flight

We ask wheelchair users to arrive at the departure gate in time for departure, to ensure that they can board first. Upon boarding, the crew members explain the arrangements of the flight.

Within the European Union, it is the responsibility of the airport to provide the necessary assistance in the airport area. If the passenger needs further assistance or information he can visit the website of each airport to check the details of their service.

During the flight

Crew members can assist passengers with:

  • To board and disembark;
  • Travelling through the passenger compartment;
  • Getting to and from the toilet;
  • Getting around the airplane in a wheelchair;
  • Handling luggage; and
  • Opening food packaging

Our airplanes are equipped with wheelchairs that can be used to get to and from the toilet. Crew members will prepare the wheelchair and bring it to the passenger but can not help passengers in and out of the wheelchair. Passengers either have to use their assistant or sit up and get up from their seats.

After landing

If a passenger needs assistance in getting out of the plane, it will be provided after other passengers have disembarked, so that more time and space is available to assist the passenger. It takes on average 15 minutes for other passengers to disembark after the doors have been opened.