Travel documents for children

When travelling with your children, you are, in most cases, required to bring some additional documentation. Please make sure to check what applies to your family.

Passport or ID card

Children of European Union citizens travelling from, to or via EU countries need to carry their own passport or ID card. Having their names entered in their parent’s passports is no longer sufficient. This restriction does not apply to document holders of the United Kingdom or Ireland.

Consent form for minors

Is your child travelling alone, only with ONE parent or guardian, or with an adult that does not have parental authority? In these cases you could be required to produce proof of consent of travel. For unaccompanied minors, read carefully the instructions found here.

Birth certificate

If your child has a family name, and you don’t, or if your child has a mother’s name or fathers’s name as a last name, please bring a birth certificate to prove your connction.

Extra documents for specific destinations

You might need to bring additional documents for your child for specific destinations. You’ll find this information on the embassy website of the country you are visiting.