The crown jewel of
North Iceland

Akureyri is an incredible destination that you will absolutely fall in love with. Not only with its beauty, landmarks such as the Akureyri church and the charming old town, but also with the people and the atmosphere of the place.

The town is the cultural capital of the north and is famous for its music scene, art galleries, museums and cultural events. It boasts a tremendous variety of quality restaurants, bars, cafes and other opportunities to treat your mind and body to the very best Iceland has to offer in food, drinks and entertainment. The museums in town will ensure that you get to know the rich history of Iceland and the area. The Akureyri Art Museum, galleries and the numerous concerts and cultural events going on at any given time are bound to engage your mind and lift your spirit.

Stroll the streets of Akureyri

The main street in the town centre is called Göngugata (or "Walking Street", even though cars are allowed to drive there most days) and you will find it to be a prime spot for people-watching. And if you are in the mood for a night out on the town you will find plenty of excellent bars to visit for cocktails, wine, beer or whatever you find yourself in the mood for.

On the weekends someone is bound to be sitting at one of the pianos in Götubarinn ("The Street Bar") resulting in a rowdy and fun singalong, like nothing you have experienced. And taking in a concert at the legendary Græni Hattur ("The Green Hat") is quite the experience – there is a reason it’s one of the most popular concert venues in the entire country.

The opportunities are all here in Akureyri – and the best thing is it's all just a five-minute drive from the airport!

For more information www.visitakureyri.is