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For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions, a "website" shall mean information distributed or transmitted world-wide via Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP standard) over Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) net, also called the Internet.

Please read these terms & conditions carefully before using this site and, in particular, before any purchase is made. These are the terms & conditions that apply to your visit at this website and all transactions that you may make over the site, now or at a later time. 

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In relation to submission of information.You agree to grant Niceair unrestricted and complete license to use all data that you send to the Site, free of charge, but only to the extent that the registration and use of the data are a normal part of Niceair operations. Niceair is furthermore permitted to use such data for marketing purposes. This notice shall be deemed to be a warning of such processing. More specific information on the modus operandi, work procedures and other factors that apply to the processing of the data can be obtained by sending a request to

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Acceptance of these terms & conditions; jurisdiction

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The Privacy Policy

In accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (“GDPR”), Niceair ehf. (“Company” or “Data Controller”) provides the below information on the processing of your personal data so that you can know our privacy policy and understand how your personal information is managed.

Niceair takes protection of your personal information seriously and respects your privacy.

Here is a summary of how Niceair approaches your privacy rights, collection, how we use and process your information.

  • Niceair will provide you with details about the information we are gathering and what we will do with it.
  • Niceair will put in place measures and use methods to keep your information secure and protected.
  • Niceair will make sure your data protection rights are respected.
  • Niceair will use the information you give us for the purposes described in it’s Privacy Policy. These purposes include providing you with services you have requested and enhancing your experience with Niceair.
  • Niceair will also use the information to help us understand you better and so that we can give you relevant offers.
  • Niceair will not send you marketing material if you tell us you do not want to receive it. However, we will continue to send you important updates and information on a service or product which you have purchased, in order to keep you informed of your booking, service or travel itinerary.
  • Niceair may have a legitimate interest in getting to know its customers 'preferences, enabling the company to personalize its offers better, and ultimately, offer products and services that better meet customers' needs and desires.

Below, you can read Niceair's Privacy Policy in more detail. Reading the Privacy Policy will give you a better understanding of how your personal information is used, what types of information we collect, how it is collected, what purposes it will be used for and who it may be shared with. We will provide you with some specific examples of the processing of your personal information. If you have further inquiries, please contact us via e-mail by writing to

Please keep in mind that the summary above, and the Privacy Policy below, are not contractual and do not form part of your contract with us, without prejudice to your rights under applicable laws.

For how long do we retain personal information?

The data will be stored for a period not exceeding the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected or subsequently processed in accordance with legal obligations.

Details about the data controller of your personal information

Where Niceair processes your personal information under this Privacy Policy, it is considered to be the “data controller” of your personal information under European Union and Icelandic data protection law. Our address is as follows:

Niceair ehf.

Strandgata 49,

600 Akureyri


Any additional service providers, e.g. a travel agent, hotel or car rental company, which provide a part of your services will be separate “data controllers”. Their privacy policies will be accessible from them directly.

Please be aware that, depending on the services that you have requested, other agreements might form your contractual relationship with Niceair.

If you have requested additional non-flight related services or booked a package including such services, then the providers of such services will be identified in the booking or ordering process. The providers of such services will also separately be “data controllers”.

When does this policy apply?

The Privacy Policy of Niceair applies when we collect, use or otherwise process your personal information regarding your relationship with us as a customer or potential customer. This includes when you book flights or travel with us, use our additional services or websites. Additionally, the Privacy Policy applies when you contact our service agents or book our services through third parties. An example of such a third party would be a travel agent, a third party booking website or another airline.

Where we reference that others are data controllers in the sections ‘Controller of Personal Information’ and ‘Who do we share your personal information with?’ You should consult their privacy policies for further information.

What is personal information?

Whenever information provides details which identify your person or could be used for the same purpose, it is considered to be personal information. An example might be your name, your contact details or your purchase history. Details on how you use our websites may also be personal information.

In which cases do we process and from whom might we receive your personal information?

Whenever you use our services, website, contact us via email, social media or our service agents, we collect your personal information. The same applies when the services are provided by third parties or agents acting on behalf of Niceair. Please be aware that if you do not wish to provide us with personal data which is necessary for the performance of a contract or which we are legally required to process, we may not be able to provide you with part or all of the services requested.

Furthermore, we may receive your personal information from third parties, such as:

  • When a company that is contracted by Niceair provides services to you.
  • When a company or third party that is involved in your travel provides you with services, such as customs or immigration authorities or airport operators.
  • When a company provides your information to Niceair as stated in their privacy policy.
What types of personal information do we process?

To provide you with our services, or the services of other “data controllers” which deliver part of the services that you have requested, we will need to process your personal information. Further processing may take place to provide you with relevant marketing materials and enhance your experience with Niceair.

Niceair processes the following types of personal information:

  • Information that you provide which is used to manage and complete a booking or provide you with services which you have requested.
  • Your name, address, email, contact details, date of birth, gender, passport number, your account details and payment information.
  • If you book for someone else, we may collect your billing information but may communicate with the passenger directly about their flight.
  • We will know if you booked your flight on our website or used another sales channel such as a travel agent or our service agents.
  • Information which is collected during your journey with us.
  • Niceair may collect information such as your interactions with staff and cabin crew before and during the flight.
  • Information about your travel arrangements.
  • Details of your booking and travel itinerary.
  • Details of any specific preferences such as meal requests, seating requests, required additional assistance or services and other relevant information.
  • Information about services that you have previously used.
  • Information on your previous travels, travel arrangements, travel-related issues and disruptions, service changes such as baggage requirements, lost luggage and customer feedback.
  • Information about online interactions and registrations.
  • We will retain your information to ensure we interact with you appropriately if you have registered with our online club
  • We will retain your information if you have interacted with us via social media such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • Information about how you use and interact with our websites, service agents and social media.
  • To help us to personalize your information, improve our website and resolve issues related to the booking process we collect information about the content you have viewed and interacted with on our website using cookies and similar technologies, such as the website you come from, internet banner advertisements and links which appear on our marketing partners' websites.
  • We will use previous web usage data stored within the cookie to personalize and understand you as a customer. This could include if you have entered any booking or passenger name information on our website.
  • We would be able to understand from your data usage that you have visited our website and searched for a flight but did not complete your booking.
  • Information about your location from your device if you have been browsing on our website. (This is your IP address. An IP address (i.e. Internet Protocol address) is a numeric code that can act as a unique identifier for your computer or other device - this can be turned off from your device).
  • Identifying the country from which you are accessing the relevant website or application which will enable us to provide more relevant content and use an appropriate language.

When and why do we collect ‘sensitive personal data’?

In some cases, Niceair may process your personal information which is considered to be sensitive. Specific categories of personal information, such as on religion, health or ethnicity require additional safeguards under European Union and Icelandic data protection law. These categories are referred to as “sensitive personal data”. Niceair will only process these categories of data in specific circumstances.

Following are examples where we may process “sensitive personal data”:

  • If you have requested specific medical assistance, such as wheelchair assistance or oxygen.
  • Some requested services, such as certain types of meals, may provide suggestions of your religion, health, or other preferences. These types of information may or may not be considered “sensitive personal data”.
  • If you have requested clearance to fly with a medical condition or because you are more than 28 weeks pregnant.
  • If you have chosen to provide such information to us or it has been passed onto us by a third party such as the travel agent through which you made your booking.

Why do we process your personal information?

The main purposes for which we process your personal information are:

  • To provide you with the services you have requested and make sure your travel arrangements are fulfilled.
  • We will need to use information such as your name, address, contact details, date of birth, gender, passport number, your account details and payment information so that we can process bookings, fulfil your travel arrangements, process payments, provide information to relevant authorities (such as tax, customs, and immigration authorities) and so that Niceair agents know who is booked on a flight.
  • To manage the boarding process.
  • If your flight is due to leave and you have not boarded the aircraft, we may need to check whether you have passed through airport security in order to understand how to contact you about boarding the flight.
  • To send you updates about your flight or other services.
  • We may send you information when check-in is open for your flight or if there have been disruptions or alterations.
  • To keep track of you in advance of your flight and at the airport.
  • When you are traveling with us and using an airport where we operate, we may have the ability to monitor where you are within the airport to assist you with boarding of our aircraft as well as providing a personalized service.
  • To help maintain safety and to meet certain legal and regulatory requirements which apply to Niceair as a company.
  • As a company there may be regulatory obligations on Niceair to maintain a record of passenger information on the relevant aircraft.
  • The laws of certain countries, such as the United Kingdom, require operators to provide certain passenger information to the border and immigration authorities.
  • Niceair may maintain data which may be used to deny services to certain individuals due to previous incidents, e.g. jeopardizing of safety, harassment of other passengers or staff.
  • To provide services tailored to your requirements or preferences and to treat you in a more personal way.
  • We may update and share non-personal information with our media agencies, in order to serve tailored and relevant advertising from our partners and third parties on our websites and electronic communications.
  • To carry out analysis and market research.
  • We will analyse the way in which our sales channels, products and services are being used by customers so that we can understand how to improve the service we offer and encourage customers to use the full range of our products and services.
  • To market and keep you informed of Niceair products and services.
  • We may send you information about our products and services, as well as the products and services of our partners by email or text message.
  • We may tailor the content of our websites, applications, emails and other communications to ensure they are as relevant to you as possible - including previous destinations including offers and / or services relating to that or a similar destination.
  • We may combine anonymized customer relationship marketing data with a third party (e.g. Google, Facebook) so both companies can understand behavioural activities such as knowing other sites visited.
  • To send you status updates and service communications.
  • Even if you have opted-out of receiving marketing material from us, we may still send you communications about the services you have booked to use, such as your travel itinerary. These communications will help you get the most from the services we provide and may also contain options and other details about the services you will be using (e.g. advance seating requests, additional baggage and pre-booked meals).
  • Niceair may also send you communications about the services you have previously used, for example, where you experienced some form of issue or problem, and we wish to contact you about it pre-emptively in order to resolve it successfully.
  • To improve our websites, products, and services.
  • We may monitor the way that you and other customers use our website so that we can identify ways to improve the website experience and enhance the security of our website.
  • For purposes related to legal claims or disagreements.
  • We may use your personal information to uphold our legal rights as a business or the rights of our employees, e.g. in cases related to illegal activities, claims, fraud or harassment.
  • For management and administrative purposes.
  • Niceair may use and retain your personal information, including your purchase history, for administrative purposes, which may include for example, accounting and billing, auditing, credit or other payment card verification, anti-fraud screening (including the use of credit reference agency searches and payment card validation checks) and systems testing, maintenance and development.
  • Niceair may process your personal information when performing searches related to requests for copy or deletion of personal information.

What is our legal basis for processing your personal information?

Your personal information will only be processed by Niceair where there is a legal basis for the processing. The legal basis may differ based on the purpose of the processing of your personal information. In almost all cases, the legal basis will be as follows:

  • Because the processing of your information is necessary for the performance of a contract or in order to take steps at your request prior to entering into a contract, e.g. so that we can fulfil your travel arrangements, process your booking or provide you with the services that you have requested.
  • Because Niceair has a legitimate interest as a company to process your personal information to operate and improve our business activities.
  • Because Niceair needs to process your personal information to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Because Niceair may need to process your personal information to protect the vital interests of you or another person.
  • Because you have given your consent to Niceair for processing your information for a specific purpose.

You can see more information on the processing with regard to each legal basis below. In cases where the processing of your data is subject to other laws, then the legal basis for processing may be different than stated above. In such circumstances, the processing may be based on your consent in all cases.

Processing based on a contractual necessity

In order for us to provide you with services, such as fulfilling your travel arrangements, it is necessary for us to process some of your personal information. We will need to process information such as your name, contact details and payment information so that you can book our products or board a flight.

As part of the contractual relations between Niceair and its partners, and between said partners, for some of the purposes of personal data processing, your personal data may be transferred outside the EU, including by means of their inclusion in shared databases managed by third- party companies that may or may not be under Niceair's control. The management of the database and the processing of this data is restricted to the purposes for which the data was collected and must be carried out in full compliance with the confidentiality and security standards set forth in applicable personal data protection laws. In every instance when your personal data is transferred internationally outside of EU territory, the “Data Controller” will take all contractual measures necessary and suitable to ensure an adequate level of protection of your personal data, in accordance with that which is set forth in this notice on processing of personal data, including the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission.

Processing based on legitimate interests

Niceair is a commercial travel provider. As such, we have a legitimate interest in processing your personal information in order to provide, improve and market our services.

  • We may send you marketing materials in order to promote services and inform you of our products or the products of our partners.
  • We may carry out analysis and use data to provide you with a more personalized experience.
  • When we need to conduct legal claims.
Processing to comply with legal obligations

As a business, Niceair needs to comply with legal and regulatory requirements and may need to process your personal information in order to comply with these requirements.

  • If our services are disrupted or your luggage is lost, we may need to provide you with related information.
  • Some countries, such as the United Kingdom, may require us to provide your information to customs or immigration authorities.
  • To protect the vital interest of you or another person
  • In rare cases, there may be an urgent need that we process your personal information to protect your vital interests or the interests of another person.
  • If there is a medical emergency, Niceair may need to process your personal information so that necessary medical assistance may be provided.
Processing based on consent

In some cases, Niceair may process your personal information when you have provided your consent for us to do so.

Whenever Niceair processes personal information based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent at any time. To do so, please contact Niceair by sending an e-mail to or call our service centre at +354 560 2100.

Please be aware that if you withdraw your consent, we may not be able to provide you with some or all of the services that you have requested from us. Additionally, it may not be possible to cancel your booking or for us to provide you with a refund of payments you have made to us.

When and with whom do we share your personal information?

Your personal information may be shared with the following third parties:

  • Authorities, customs and immigration agencies of countries in your travel itinerary. This includes countries which you might fly over. Niceair is required by law to share your personal information with immigration, customs or border control agencies of countries such as the United Kingdom.
  • For example, all passengers traveling to the United Kingdom need to submit their Advance Passenger Information (API). This process is automatic upon the scan of your passport at check-in.
  • Service providers which participate in providing the services you have requested. For example, if you will be staying at a hotel as part of your journey, your personal information will need to be shared with service providers needed to provide you with these services.
  • Payment and credit card companies, credit reference agencies and companies involved in anti-fraud screening in order to process and receive payments from you and to protect ourselves against possible fraud.
  • In cases where we are legally required to share your information with government and law enforcement agencies.
  • Third party providers which we use to process data in order to provide you with products, services and marketing material. For example, third party providers which are involved in the storage of data, ground handling agents on airports or marketing services.
  • Third parties involved in the conduct of legal claims, such as law firms or courts.
  • Third parties, such as security companies, the police and regulatory authorities, when we may need to safeguard our property and assets, provide safety to our customers, staff and assets or have our rights enforced.
  • Niceair may provide non-personalized data on usage to other websites which will allow them to know whether you have visited our websites.
  • Niceair may need to provide your personal information if we are legally required to do so, including if Niceair decides to start operating from a new destination where local laws require us to provide personal information.
  • Niceair will not sell your personal information to third parties. We will not allow third parties to send you marketing material unless you have provided your consent.

What countries will your personal information be transferred to?

As a commercial travel provider, Niceair has business partners located in countries around the world. Niceair may therefore transfer and store your personal information in countries outside the European Economic Area. Niceair may share your information with third parties in countries located outside the European Economic Area in order to provide you with services you have requested or for other legitimate reasons. For example, Niceair is required by the laws of some countries to share your personal information with customs and immigration authorities.

Please be aware that this means that your personal information may be transferred to third parties which are located in countries where they may have fewer legal rights than provided by your local laws. Transfer of personal data to a third country outside of the EEA will however only take place if appropriate safeguards under EU law which legitimize data transfers outside are provided, such as by entering into standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission. The standard contractual clauses can be found on the European Commission website.

What steps can you take to keep your personal information secure?

Niceair makes every effort to protect your personal information. We encourage you to take steps to secure your personal information. Here are some measures that you can take to keep your information safe:

  • Do not share your booking reference with others
  • Whenever you book a flight, you will be provided with a booking reference. A booking reference will appear on the ticket or e-mail confirmation of each passenger in a booking. You should never share your booking reference with others, as it may allow other people to access the details of the booking.
  • If you are booking a flight for yourself as well as others and would not like them to see your booking details, we recommend that each passenger make separate bookings.
  • Be careful when online and avoid internet fraud

Dishonest individuals may try to gather your personal information by trying to deceive you online. This illegal activity is called “phishing”. Phishing is often performed by sending you an e-mail which has been designed to make you think that it has been sent by a legitimate business. However, such emails may often form part of a scam to trick you into disclosing details, such as your personal information, login credentials or bank information. Phishing emails will often contain links to fraudulent websites which imitate the look and feel of legitimate websites.

Amendments and changes to this policy

Niceair may make changes to this Privacy Policy so that it reflects how we process personal information from time to time. Niceair may place a notice on its website or communicate with you in other ways whenever the Privacy Policy is amended. You can review the latest version of our Privacy Policy on this site.

If you do not wish that we process your information under our Privacy Policy, you will have to discontinue using our services. Furthermore, you may make a request for access, rectification, restriction, or deletion of your personal information.

Customer rights

As our customer, you have a right to request access, rectification, restriction, and deletion of your personal information held by us. Furthermore, you may receive a copy of your personal information.

As our customer, you also have rights to object to some of the processing. In cases where processing is based on your consent, you may withdraw it at any time. Please be aware that your rights as stated above may be limited. As an example, where we can demonstrate that there is a legal requirement to process your data, we may not be able to delete it.

Please be aware that if you request for your personal information to be deleted, such requests may affect your relationship with us as a customer.

Requesting a copy or deletion of personal information and filing a complaint

Under European Union and Icelandic privacy law, you may request a copy of your personal information if it is processed by Niceair. You do not need to pay a fee for this request, unless it is manifestly unfounded or excessive. Niceair will make every effort to respond to your request within 30 days of it being received.

Your request must be in writing and must contain the following information:

  • Your name, e-mail and postal address.
  • Details of your request.
  • Any details which may help us locate the information, which is the subject of your request, for example:
  • Booking reference or flight numbers and dates.
  • Your e-mail address, telephone number or other contact details.
  • Additionally, we require you to provide:
  • A copy of a government issued ID, such as your passport or driving license. This is necessary so that we can verify who is making the request.
  • Your signature and the date of the request.
  • If you are applying on behalf of another person then signed authority from the individual is required.

Please send your request to 

You also have a right to lodge a complaint with The Icelandic Data Protection Authority. A complaint can be made by writing to:

The Icelandic Data Protection Authority

Rauðarárstígur 10

105 Reykjavík